Some people have been commenting to me that these sketches are really ‘rude’… so I thought I’d put them in a bit of context! They a bit of fun, and I did them during a fantastic play called ‘Attempts on Her Life’ by Martin Crimp. It was inspired by two scenes, a song, ‘The Camera Loves You’ and a scene called ‘Porno’. The song’s really beautiful, with the music composed by our very own Ed Burgon –
The voice-over for the scene and an early rehearsal of the song are both below – they’re worth a listen.

I was trawling through books in Oxfam a while ago, and found a fantastic book of nude photographs of Parisian women in the 1920s. They were surprisingly erotic! I haven’t drawn from the raunchiest here, but needless to say my mother still wasn’t too keen…



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