Exhibiting at Staithes Arts and Heritage Festival!

UPDATE: Hopefully I will be showing ‘Moored.’ at the first annual Staithes Arts and Heritage Festival this September! 

‘Moored.’ was partly inspired by Staithes – it’s a beautiful village on the North East coast of England, with a bleak but beautiful coastline, and a rich heritage (both cultural and artistic!).

It’s really exciting – basically all of the houses in the village have the opportunity to turn themselves into art galleries for the weekend. So a home-owner opens their house up to an artist, and they can display and sell their works around their home. When you go along, you get a map, and make your way round the whole village-turned-gallery and wander into people’s houses to see what’s on display. Most of the houses in Staithes are these gorgeous fisherman’s cottages, so they’re wonderful in their own right, and it means that the public (and the rest of the village!) can see parts of the village that wouldn’t normally be open to the public.

The festival website isn’t up and running yet, but the village has a fantastic gallery that’s really worth a visit if you’re in the area. http://www.staithesgallery.co.uk/index.htm

I’ll post more about the festival near the time – it would be great if anyone in the North of England (or from further afield for that matter) fancied coming. It’s an incredible place, and I’m really excited to be involved in the first of these festivals.

Hopefully see you there!


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