Panic Festival.

The title might seem a bit impenetrable, but it pretty well describes the bizarre day that we had in Mons, Belgium, the day I took the photo.

It was really humid, and we arrived to go see a photography exhibition. When we got there, the streets were eerily empty – even H&M was closed. So, we walked through the streets towards the main square, and when we emerged, there was suddenly noise and people, and lots of empty beer cups! I still don’t know quite what the festival was, but from what we could see, it involved a swimming pool-sized sand pit, and passing round a large papier-mâché dragon… make of that what you will.

Anyway, the exhibition was beautiful, but there was absolutely no advertising for it – not even a signpost for the gallery (which was lovely, but down a weird side-street). It was almost empty, but for us and the artist, so we got to enjoy the photos and their accompanying Haikus by ourselves. It was nice, but it’s a shame that more people couldn’t see the work.

This for me sums up the emptiness of the place that day, and definitely reminds me of the oriental  influences we saw in the photographer’s work.
I can’t remember his name, but I’ll post a link up when I’ve found it.

Panic Festival.

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