Help this wonderful artist!

The non-creatives of this world will probably see the life of the artist as somewhere between Penelope Cruz’s scantily-clad paint swirling in ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’, and the diamond encrusted glamour of Damien Hurst’s skull. 

Those of us on the other side know that there is significantly more clothing, and a lot less in the way of diamonds. 

My extremely talented friend, Rebecca Harvey, is an artist who’s work is not only beautiful, but extremely intelligent. She has vision, talent, and the ability to work her bottom off. 

Newcastle University has recognised her potential, and has offered her a place on their Masters course. However, she is suffering from a distinct lack of… diamonds. 

All it would take would be for a few generous, fortunate individuals to take up her cause; with your help, she could fulfil her potential, and take up her place at Newcastle. She doesn’t want to take your life-savings, but if you could help her out, you would be doing her, and the art world, a great service! 

Please pop onto Bridget Hamilton’s wonderful blog (well worth a peruse anyway!) to donate via Paypal. Anything you can afford would make a huge difference!

Bridget Hamilton’s wonderful, witty blog, where you can find a Paypal button in the top right-hand corner! 

A still from one of Rebecca Harvey’s pieces, in her recent exhibition, ‘We Could be Rich, and Famous’.


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