Golden Nuggets of Wisdom

Vanity Fair pop-art inspired collages by Ruth Bader (above) and Frank (below). Materials used: texters, craft glue, and bits of Vanity Fair.

Having had a blog for a total of twelve hours, a friend of mine decided it would be appropriate to share some golden nuggets of wisdom with me. He kindly informed me that the visuals in a blog are merely bait to lure unsuspecting blog-lookers onto the hook of witty copy. I softly suggested that perhaps that wasn’t the case if, say, one ran an art blog. Luckiliy the expert deigned to continue my education, telling me that I was mistaken, and even a blog about art was in fact actually about… Not art. But text.
Phew. After several years of malpractice, I can now finally reform my ways and use my art as a shiny piece of foil for all you text-magpies.
The above bait is a little collage I did with a ten year old who had been left in my charge (I am a nanny) to distract him from the wonders of YouTube and other such screen-related joys. His mum had a whole box full of old issues of Vanity Fair, and leafing through them was divine! I was especially thrilled that this ten year old boy, who previously had shown an interest only in skateboards and breaking things, was keen to show me, ‘How cool this lady’s (Vivienne Westwood!) dress is!’
We had a great time, he was completely into it and inspired, and he didn’t talk about a laptop, TV or Xbox for about three hours. The results were really cool, and his mum’s going to frame it and pop it on his wall to remind him how awesome it can be to play with paper and glue instead of screens and buttons.
Kids are incredible, and they are super creative if you let them be. It may also have been a rather good excuse to join him in acting like a ten year old… It’s been a while since using a Pritt Stick in public has been socially acceptable, and I was thrilled to be able to indulge in some good old fashioned colouring in. And yes, thank you, I did manage to stay inside the lines


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