This is our city.

So, the collaging continues! Having berated know-it-all 12-hour-old-blogger, he has now gone and done something useful. Infuriating, I know.
Having shown him my silly collage, he introduced me to Aussie artist, Bennett. I had never come across this hipper-than-hip collage guru, but apparently he, like Hansel, is so hot right now. As much as I’d love to hate the man of the moment, his collages are SO COOL! So minimalistic and clever. Gorgeous stuff. Super inspiring, and I’ve now gone and had a go at doing something inspired by his work.
I found one of these as a postcard in a Cafe in Darlington and the other pieces are from an old, delightfully coffee stained, brochure for the Sydney Festival.
I love how this is like an old holiday snap. It also sums up Sydney for me – although this couple were from China (where this photo was taken) this is their city. And even though I spend half my life on buses, trekking round the city like some kind of nomad bag lady, Sydney feels like home. Do you think that the centre for immigration will accept a collage as part of a visa application..?




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