The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

A few days ago my beautiful, inspiring friend, Gen, who I’ve previously waxed lyrical about, introduced me to this quote.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

The delightful genius who uttered that mind-stroking phrase was of course none other than Mr Pablo Picasso. As if we didn’t have enough to thank him for.
It got me thinking about what I really do the art for, and what is worth doing. I think it’s all worth it really, and the collages are a product of that. I started off with them because someone showed me something I thought was really cool (please see previous post!) and I really wanted to make art but couldn’t afford any materials.
It doesn’t matter what your art is on. It doesn’t matter if it’s framed or on canvas, or on a bit of cardboard you found in the recycling. Making lovely pieces in the middle of the night keeps me same. It lets you move some of the business out of your head, and lay it out on something physical.
Where I live there’s a wall that has been painted as a blackboard, and sometimes it’s so nice to scribble something up. It doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be finished it can be pink or green or blue, because it’s going to disappear anyway when we run out of eggs and someone writes a shopping list over it.
I’m leaving Australia soon, and I’ve been pretty sad about it. It made me think though, like many other things, maybe part of the joy of this whole time is that I know it has to disappear, and so I haven’t worried about making mistakes or held anything back. I’ve been ridiculously lucky, and although I’ll be sad to leave everybody, maybe I just need to look forward to the next adventure… Watch this space!

Blackboard Feather.


  1. This really rang true with me! I’m feeling really anxious about hang just moved to Brazil, and in my last few months in Santiago I decided I’d do everything and take any opportunity, and I had the time of my life. I’m sad that time is over but I think you’re right, it was better because I knew it had to end, so I savoured every moment.

    We had a little whiteboard that I’d write messages/doodles on as well, it’s nice to see how long they last!

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