First photo with a new camera! After much umming and aaring, the decision to buy a new camera was made for me when my beloved lumix packed in a mere two days before I was set to go on the most exciting, and more importantly, the most photogenic trip of my life. I rushed to Broadway shopping centre with my much-blogged-about friend, Gen, and after a phone-conference with my photographer uncle, I picked up a s-weet deal on a Nikon Coolpix in the bargain bin. And no, I too had never before seen a ‘bargain bin’ for reasonably decent digital cameras… but there you have it. I have few complaints, and almost double the megapixels, but it is INFURIATINGLY slow (especially annoying when you’re trying to capture wildlife in the terrifying menagerie that is the Australian outback).  When you click the ‘On’ button, it takes several seconds to react, making it unclear whether the camera has registered you pressing it at all, which sometimes it hasn’t. This was a small price to pay, but I also miss some of the pre-set effects and filters on my Lumix… so this little Nikon might just be a stand in. We’ll see.

Anyway, I was pretty pleased with how it captured these gorgeous trees. We were walking up by Catherine Gorge (actually a Canyon, FYI cough-nerd-cough) and my friend Richard and I got detached from the group – there were so many gorgeous trees and views, we couldn’t help ourselves. We took our time and ended up chatting and snapping away. I spent the next three days staring at Richard as we drove the 1500 kilometers from Darwin to Alice Springs, and we’re now planning jaunts around China and Taiwan, and my road trip in the USA where he’ll meet me in CA. (Watch this space for more dramatic foliage from the other side of the pond…)

DSCN0314 - Copy
Kakadu Melodrama.



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