New Work, New Theme!

P1100406 - Copy

So, after an hour pining after premium themes, the thorough-breds of the WordPress world, I have finally settled on a poppy, simple, fresh new look! Hurrah! I feel like it’s make-over day on America’s Next Top Model, and although I cried at first, I’ve realised that AS ALWAYS, Tyra was right, and I am totally working this new look.

I’ve had the same theme since I’ve had the blog, and I feel as though my work’s moved on a bit, so it’s time to go wild (mildy different) and try something new.

Also, in equally thrilling news, I’m exhibiting soon! Here I am on the Staithes Festival website –

Have a wee look at my profile and brace yourselves for yet another wonderful celebration of creativity and heritage. Do come along – it’s on the 14th and 15th of September. It’s doubled in size this year and I have a really central venue! You’ll find me in Ash Cottage – it’s on the High Street, opposite the butcher’s.

It’s a superb village – great weekend where 70 venue,s including people’s cottage, team up with artists and turn into galleries. It combines both my passion for art and for snooping round other people’s homes. Not to be missed. Hop on the website or send me a message if you need more info!



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