Photo of the Week.

Beautiful old tree with telephone poles shooting up out of it. Such a pretty walk home from Erskineville to Newtown – full of heavy old trees like this and gorgeous flowers. Lucky me!

Erskineville Easter.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Week.

  1. I guess there’s art everywhere in the way you look at is an amazing tree but your eye whopped it up a notch..i saw your exhibition in Staithes at the weekend and liked it very was nice meeting you albeit briefly..i prefer art without titles and explanations but i do like to meet artists..i like art and books where you can fee the author in between the lines or in the background somewhere..

    1. Hi Shawn,
      Thanks so much! I’m glad you like the image. I also hope you had a wonderful time at the rest of the festival – thank you for coming to my venue and I’m really pleased you enjoyed the exhibition. Do keep in touch for news on my next show!

      1. I will and i like your cheeky side projects stuff..who needs pictures of boats and seagulls or sheep grazing in the distance on a barren wind swept hillside in the Dales..nudes and fun crazy shit that’s how i like my art..! son’s mother is an artist and we were always taking pictures of each other buried in red chilli’s or splattered with cream cakes while wearing strange masks and make up..!..keep on keeping on Ruth..

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